Crypto evangelists — a new cult?

Well, if Bitcoin is great, then blockchain is its prophet!:-D

…but seriously, religion has nothing to do with it!

So, if your loved one suddenly comes out as a crypto evangelist, please lay off holy water, crucifix and taper candles (your mundane exorcism kit) in an attempt to save your family’s budget from unnecessary tithes and offerings!

You should better ask him to preach a li’l bit about the Brave New World of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, bitcoin, altcoins, tokens, ICOs & ITOs… Then you might hear a sermon about those intricate things in layman’s terms. By the way, Wikipedia has not yet published an article about crypto evangelist, but they have some intel on various technology evangelists

A tad bit of history. Technology evangelists rose to prominence some time ago. It turns out that first technology evangelists came around in the 1990s in The Macintosh Way (a sway book for cool cats, by the way!).

Most major players in the IT field have one in their roster. (Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, Epic Games…) You would immediately try to compare them with your average PR guyperson or marketing expert.

One of the high and mighties — Guy Kawasaki had great ideas on how a technology evangelists should look like.
Loosely paraphrasing his words I would say that his main tenets are:
Create a cause. Love the cause. Let people test drive the cause. Provide a safe first step. Never tell a lie. Remember your friends.

So, that’s not the person who cannot talk shop. He is the opposite of it!

Let’s sum it all up!

Crypto evangelist is a person who would read you a sermon about Solidity and absolve you of your sin of buying Coinye.

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