Crypto Forecast 2018 from Dickinson-Junior

Cryptocurrency rates forecast is based on the analysis of their graphs for the last three years.

The departing year has made all cryptocurrency holders happy by skyrocketing rates. Bitcoin reached $11,000 in November — even before the expected 2018 — its ascension was followed by other cryptocurrencies. Market correction is a commonplace occurrence, so after a short decline in late November and early December we would see a, quite natural, Christmas boom!

Let us have a look at top twenty cryptocurrencies with the largest capitalization: 

So, that is our average quarterly forecast:

I would also add Gnosis and Dogecointo the list with the following forecast:
Gnosis $110 — $190 — $120 — $430;
Dogecoin $0.004 — $0.04 — $0.1 — $0.3.

My forecast is rather cautious and that is why — there are reasons:

Firstly, many analysts yammer in one voice that the cryptocurrency market is overrated and a huge correction is to be expected. Other analysts remind of dot-com bubbles of late nineties and early noughties, when the market got oversaturated with Internet companies, but they went under in large numbers with all the money the investors had given them.
By the way, some events do look pretty similar: present token companies try to decorate their projects with as many crypto-bells and blockchain-whistles as they possibly can. It sounds like an old tune of dot-com companies, who promised to put “Internet” in various things from pets to deliveries and promised pie in the sky to their investors!

Secondly, there are external reasons — if the governments of different countries, ranging from the USA to the PRC, will enforce deanonymization of cryptocurrency wallets (under penalty of fines or imprisonment) and tax cryptocurrency transfers, then its current anonymity appeal and the absence of middleman will all but evaporate.
In case the long-awaited legislation liberalization in the field of cryptocurrencyflops we might get the tightening of the leash under the guise of War on Terror / Drugs or any other -isms!

Thirdly — the notorious human element! In case some ham-handed programmer will continue to freeze hundreds of millions on wallets, there would not be many participants of such Russian Roulette.
Or the issues of cyber security, breaches of which has facilitated hackers to steal hundreds of crypto once and again — there is a limit to how generous people can be!

Still, let us stay optimistic in the year of Yellow Earth Dog!

According to Chinese calendar that dog is one clever, cautious and conservative animal…

May all your Cryptodreams come true!

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