Crypto Kitties — Those Cute Bastards!

But do not expect those kitties to be free like the ones from shelters! As a matter of fact Crypto Kitties’ prices are reaching stratosphere as we speak! The most expensive cat (ever!), named Genesis, was sold for 246.9255 ETH(~$160,000) — talk about expensive! 😀


We live in a post Tamagotchi or Pokemon craze world, right? But it seems that human mind just craves for another whirlwind romance. So let us meet Crypto Kitties. They are the culprits, who had drained most of the used gas and boggled transactions down to its current speed.
Also, do you remember the good old times when the transaction fee was ¢5?

For people with smaller wallets there are kitties with far more affordable pricing starting from 0 ethereum. Free ones are real tough to get for obvious reasons. The average kitty price is 50 ETH and it is not going down; with the current tendency of crypto to grow some of those kitties might be costlier than some jets!

You can even earn some money off your crypto pets! It is simple really and follows the patterns of the real world:
1. Get a couple of kitties
2. They make a baby (an egg actually)
3. You sell the kitty kitten!
Thus you can get a nice ROI or create a cat farm!

You can also sell your main breeder kitten for a hefty buck — the developers will “issue” new ones until November 2018, then the species survival will depend on the kitty holders. So you could say that the population is limited only by the number of horny pusses out there…
I donot think they would get extinct any time soon!

So if any real housewife out there might be perplexed as to why would she need a bitcoin, she could actually afford a kitty for a couple hundred dollars for laughs!
Paraphrasing Voltaire: If Crypto Kitties did not exist, we would have to invent them! At least for Ethereum promotion… After all, Vitalik Buterin is a real stand up guy and he got our full support! Here is something he has written about Crypto Kitties in his Twitter:
“I actually like the digital cat games. They illustrate very well that the value of a blockchain extends far beyond applications that would literally get shut down by banks or governments if they did not use one.”

The Ethereum team can already learn from kitty experience:
In the first Kittens Days Ethereum blockchain got completely clogged by the furry transactions. Kitties transactions glomped the Ethereum transaction-throughput. People had to pay at least ten times the usual fee to get it going! Eleven days after day 0 hype went down a bit and transaction fees stabilized a bit. But I bet it gave them some food for thought that would help Vitalik’s team to improve Ethereum platform even further!

So, let us sum it up: no matter how deep my love towards kitties is, I think that it gives birth to simpletons rather than to new kitties! Axiom Zen — the most innovative Firm-developer from Canada — made as much as 4 million real dollars on digital pets! According to estimates all cats have a total value of a billion dollars or more!

Certainly, the global pet market is a multi-billion industry. USA holds the lead in amount of pet cats — 66 BLN. That is a lot in comparison with less than 40,000 of Crypto Kitties.

The global pet market is a huge pie as big as $80+ BLN; and it is growing by 5% yearly. I guess the next logical step for Axiom Zen is to create crypto supplies for crypto pets: crypto baskets, crypto carriers, crypto strollers, crypto litter box, crypto harness, crypto claw sharpener, crypto feed, and even crypto repellent for crypto fleas! 😀

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