ICO Piggyback Ride

(A look at the ICOs who do their best to piggyback on the blockchain )

Those ICO trackers are a fascinating read!
Apart from useful information about the upcoming token offerings you can kickback and have some fun. To do that you just need to have a fresh look at those, who try to ride the crypto hype wave on their projects.

The first one that lumbers into view is Trumpcoin. Actually there are several trumpcoin ICOs…

So, some people actually think that orange president is good news. However at the moment it is as successful a coin as that dude is successful in being a president.

Another fun project is Gopnik Coin


They state that:
“Gopnik is a true meme coin with some slavic super powers hidden in the code. Its main goal is to bring ultimate experience for those who want to feel deeply in their soul what it is like to be a gopnik. It is designed to bring fame and glory to tracksuits, squating, mayonez, hard bass, borsch, vodka, saschlik, kompot, lada cars. Oyyyblin there are so many good things about this coin and even more good things about being a gopnik.”
I say, that is some niche product! They do not offer anything apart from the dubious glee of supporting chavs.


The following example came to us from fastfood field!
AKM GLOBAL promise “Quality, fast, highly profitable solution for the Food industry utilizing blockchain technology: Worldwide network of smart Bio food Restaurants”.
They state that “Dedicated professionals of AKM Global have worked out a global concept of waste-free, environmentally-friendly and clean production and food processing techniques, using minimal energy resources, free of soil and air pollutants, chemical and industrial waste.”

Nevertheless they have not made one step past “concept” stage. With regard to the green food production I am quite sceptical — food at farmers’ market is definitely more expensive. So, what extra would you have to pay for green tech in your salads and burgers? If your snack costs as much as a restaurant meal — is it really “fast food”?
And why, in the Pasta’s name, do they need the blockchain?
They stated logistics… Duh…

Our main course today is one juicy morsel!

According to the official site:
“LUST — is a decentralized sex marketplace with a goal to enable all human beings (sic!) on earth to find their perfect sexual partner anonymously. We want to build a free community where members can experience the innate pleasure of the world without worrying about censorship by religious or governmental authorities or third party involvements. With absolute anonymity and user satisfaction as our primary beliefs, we aim to eradicate the undesirable effects for all parties involved in the sex industry. Cause everybody needs sex, we created this vital tool to provide unstoppable reasonable services to anyone and anywhere in this world.”

I would not add a single word!
Sex service on blockchain technology? Sign me in!
Perhaps the project is promising. However this ICO project has already been suspected in being a scam! Just have a look at their “20 girls found”…

Also — if you look at their workers you might notice some familiar faces!

One of them is the splitting image of Emilie de Ravin, a star of Lost and other movies. The other is a wallpaper model.

In any case, before making any significant investments you have to check if the ICO is legit. You just need to have a look at the site and White Paper — usually you can detect the scam yourself when the founders promise you x1000 in a couple of months!

“Think for yourself” — the Beatles!

Let us reminiscent on VitalikButerin’s words: “90% of token startups will fail”.

The reason is quite simple — 90% is the approximate percentage of token issuers who want to make a quick buck, grabbing as much money as they can and then getting away as fast as humanly possible! Other financial market gurus are in agreement with our crypto guru. For example, Jordan Belfort called all ICOs “biggest scam ever”!

Of course, it is unwise to treat everyone as the crooks!
There is at least one honest project among 9 scams!

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