Who framed Vitalik Buterin?

Vitalik Buterin has lately been the talk of the town. The only one, who is even more famous that he is — Satoshi Nakamoto. The blockchain genius, ex-teen prodigy programmer (he grew up…) and the current crypto action hero, the creator of Ethereum, a 23-year-old skinny millennial with dual citizenship (Canada and Russia), who is a resident of Singapore for the time being.

Vitalik was born in Kolomna, Russia on the 31st of January 1994, and in 1999 his parents moved to Canada. They did not leave him behind ofc. 😀
His digital acumen was shown first in Russia: Dmitry Buterin — his father — told that his son was toying with Excel spreadsheets at the tender age of 4 instead of watching Sesame Street. At the age of seven Vitalik had an imaginary universe inhabited by bunnies, which was governed by very strict formulas. His early life was filled with math, charts and calculations. Ten year old boy could code in C++ — he was a classic nerd of the early noughties…

Even though he was a quiet boy you would not put him for a model child for those mums and dads who wedge their kids into colleges. Fresher Vitalik dropped out of University of Waterloo to completely devote himself to Blockchain. For starters, he went from Canada to Israel and then to Amsterdam and San Francisco. Then there was Switzerland with the Canton of Zug, where, in the world-renowned Crypto Valley, the world-famous Ethereum Foundation headquarters is now based.

To date, the young dropout is an example of a remarkable career — he became involved with Blockchain and Bitcoin in 2011, and in 2017 he got the 10th place in Fortune magazine’s 40 Under 40 and was highlighted in Forbes magazine’s list of successful businessmen under 30.

He is fluent not only in Russian, English, German, but also in the Chinese language, which comes in handy during his business trips to China. The doors of the most influential people are always wide open for him — from Bank Directors to Presidents. Influential people all around the world treat him with respect and heed his advice!

At the end of September 2017 Vitalik said that Blockchain technology will wrest a significant market share from payment systems (Visa, PayPal, Mastercard, etc.) and similar financial institutions in the very near future. According to Vitalik the majority of cryptocurrency community is busy making Blockchain technology even more secure.

At the moment engineering part of applications is quite vulnerable — hence impaired distribution in the Network. Let us not forget about the occasions when hackers got away with loads of crypto, e.g. DAO attack.

Landscape of the international financial market will radically change as soon as programmers and cryptographers eliminate security issues.

Many of us remember that on the 25th of June 2017 there was a deafening buzz about an unexpected death of Vitalik. It happen completely out of blue — some overzealous rogue actors from 4chan (who thought they could stoop so low ;D) even hurried to Wikipedia to edit his article:
“Buterin was a Russian-Canadian programmer”, etc.
That hoax brought down Ethereum by 14.5%.

And only Vitalik’s tweet, where he posed with the last ether transaction, pacified the international community — Ethereum rate stabilized and actually ascended the new all-time peak in November, 2017. But… that is beyond the point.

One might muse who would benefit from Vitalik’s death…
I guess the Eight Families or the owners of payment systems, starting with VISA as the most influential one… Who else might feel that programmer prodigy has crossed their path? Numerous ICO scammers — he repeatedly spoke against numerous ICOs and stated that only 10% of them are legit. As Vitalik rightfully esteems a great deal of ICOs and ITOs are the breeding pools for scammers. So the people who produce scam ICO and HYIP-projects might “hodl” a grudge against him! He called Bitconnecta Ponzi scheme… You can read about HYIP here.

As for personal motives for Vitalik’s murder… they are truly tough to uncover! In my opinion he is as harmless as the day is long and would not hurt a fly. In fact, what do we know about the private life of one the most famous 23-year-old programmer boys in the world? The web search engines cannot find any information on his mother. And we only know that his father is a programmer and has recently founded a Blockgeeks Lab blockchain startup.

A-a-and there is no information about his girlfriend or fiancée.

That is, neither Vitalik disclosed any information about his marital arrangements, nor any lady has made a startler… Capital magazine’s journalist asked a blunt question and got this response:
“I think I’d rather pass on my ideas than my genetic material. If my blog is read by 10,000 people you could say that I have 10,000 children.”
So a jealousy-fueled murder is probably a long shot!

In the pictures we always see him with his bros. One might wonder if that is just a bromance not something with the rainbow colours…

We also know that he is a green tea drinker. So, apparently, we are unlikely to read newsreports about his drunken brawls, which are usual for celebrities of his caliber.
I doubt he is or has ever been a member of Abstinence Leagues, I bet he would rather code than inhale, snort, sniff, inject, booze or adulterize!

So I would wish Vitalik longevity and luck in all his endeavours, especially in Akasha — a decentralized social network project, based on Ethereum and IFPS!

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